Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

Alpaca South operates from just south of Hobart, Tasmania.

Can I customise an order?

Looking for something you don't see? Email Alison for specific requests or to enquire about made-to-order items.

How do I care for my Alpaca South purchase?

Alpaca is remarkably dirt-resistant and does not absorb body oils or odours. In general “shake and air” to loosen dust is all the maintenance that woven alpaca requires. Woven items should be dry-cleaned if further cleaning is necessary. Knitted items can be hand washed gently in lukewarm (handhot) water, using shampoo or mild soap. Do not rub or agitate. Roll/squeeze in a towel and dry flat.

Can I dry clean my throw?

The Brushed Alpaca range responds well to dry-cleaning but please choose your drycleaner carefully.

Why should I buy Alpaca?

Alpaca is unbelievably warm, light, soft and not irritating to wear. Many people who cannot wear sheep’s wool are able to wear alpaca next to the skin, opening up a wonderful new world of warmth and style. Alpacas are gentle on the environment, having soft padded feet and habits that allow farmers to minimise farming chemical inputs. Alpacas exert less pressure on the ground than a kangaroo. Although white alpaca takes dyes extremely well, there is a wonderful variable range of natural colours from white, to fawn, brown, greys and finally intense natural black. Working with natural colours minimises the use of harsh chemical dyes. “Easy on the land. Easy to care for. Easy to wear." The Australian Alpaca Association

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